venerdì 28 giugno 2013

«... E che il Diavolo si prenda chi resta indietro...»

«Prima Goldman e gli altri...»
Da LEAP/Europe2020 Newsletter del 27 giugno 2013...
Alert for the second half of 2013: Global systemic crisis II
In the face of the coming conflagration, the main private financial players (banks, hedge funds, etc.) are currently in “devil take the hindmost”, or rather “Goldman and the others first”, and are trying to resell their products to unsuspecting investors before they lose their value. These are signals that do not lie on the impending shock. The gold mini crash in April, the rise in sovereign bond interest rates and Goldman Sachs’ recommendation to sell US Treasury bonds, stock exchanges which fall heavily some days, all that reflects major players’ withdrawal from the markets on the sly...

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