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Health & Neck Pain: an ‘upside-down’ support as a relief...

(English version of... Salute & Cervicale: il supporto... rovesciato...)
Here's another off-topic post.
Seeing as though this blog primarily serves as a diary (which is particular in that it is totally accessible and viewable to everyone), it may have a certain sense to talk about other experiences that lie outside the specific area for which the blog was created, in the event that it might be of interest to someone who comes across it.
Those exclusively looking for basic opinions on finance and the economy, who are fortunate enough to not suffer from cervicalgia can certainly skip this part.

In my personal search for the ideal pillow that would alleviate stress on the neck, after trying several models without great success (*), almost by chance I happened upon a support in visco-elastic foam, those designed for traveling and home use.
The support itself (bought at a medical supply store) is really not a novelty nor is it innovative, but the idea is to use it in a slightly different way from that for which it was created, which is to turn the U towards the head of the bed (**) (almost like horns) when lying on your back. This will change its performance in its interaction with the body, at the contact areas in the neck and the head.
This assists at the back of the neck and nape in contact with the curve of the U, while the occipital portion of the head (its back)  is in contact with the mattress. The cervical vertebrae end up being slightly pulled and the head is "guided" by the U's "legs". That's to say it's almost a natural stretching position - you'll have to try it to believe it.  Don't give up after the first minute if you feel an initial sensation of discomfort.
There is the possibility of rotating the head at a 45° angle or more, which can be a form of stretching too or even just a postural position.
Used in this way, the support allows and encourages head movements by both hands (to be done with care), some modest movements (involving extension, rotation and bending) like those usually reserved for chiropractors, those that induce 'cracking" too.
Those who feel too 'forced' in such a position by the neck and head being held tightly, can try leaving the support in the same position, and can also be used by laying on your side and resting your head on it.
No one expects to be rid of cervical spondylosis, but to alleviate it to some extent... maybe.
Without damage, at least I hope...
At the cost of a travel pillow.
For those who want to give it a try, it will only set you back around 30€.
(*) Including the "double wave" type, whose second wave (small as it may be) acts as a wedge, which hampers the head extension and the cervical vertebrae stretching.
(**) I'm almost certain that this isn't some kind of discovery of a new and different use - others may have thought of this long before me.

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