mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

Italy: 'Country issues' that won't allow the spread to decrease

The true country issues - those that will not permit the spread to decrease - are exactly the issues that Professor Monti is looking to avoid addressing.
It is a rotting and pimp-like political class, which expects to see the crisis through unscathed with irrevocable privileges, ready to take back government offices currently occupied by the technical government at any time.
It is widespread corruption and mismanagement at all levels, with the politicians themselves, their friends in affairs, big bankers and boyars who are their flag-bearers.
These are all the people who are overpaid to create disasters, to pillage, to commit fraud.
They are the gangrenous, bureaucratic public agencies that are heavily weighed down.
It is widespread incompetence, with hints of "excellence" at the top and throughout these institutions.
It's all a country system gone down the drain, and now Monti's cuts and 'reforms' will end up really setting the stage.
Of course, because cuts and "reforms" shouldn't be made by those that cannot or do not intend to break free from the past; at any rate, there wouldn't be anything left for him to do other than continue on with the mess that has already been made, just making it worse. 
The proof of the validity of these claims? The usual - it's the spread that won't decrease.
July 11, 2012 Update
In all of this madness there is some "comforting" news... Silvio's coming back on the scene. It's the "cherry on the sundae" or rather a "litmus test" (for those who deem it necessary).

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