lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Monti: "If the spread stays high, there's a risk of an anti-EU government"

(English version of... Monti: "Se lo spread resta alto, c'è il rischio di un governo anti-Ue")

This may be along the lines of "either I win or nobody does."
He adds, "The spread is high because the markets don't understand...". Nothing could be less true. The markets certainly do understand! Italy: 'Country issues' that won't allow the spread to decrease
Yet another (incredible) witty comment of the day: Italy has one of the strongest public finances in Europe… 
Jokes that make him completely non-credible. But the truth is taboo; even for him there is really no other alternative but to bluff. As long as it lasts, that is.
However he could (involuntarily) be right about one thing, when he talks about a certain future government - when it comes to politics in Italy, there is only bad and worse.
P.S. We should really talk about Draghi's spectacle today (which the media tended to make less of) and its consequent effects on the market.
But in light of a few recent posts as...
Draghi, don't fall for the trick!
it's such an (almost) obvious and foreseeable situation where he would look foolish.
The effects are, of course, consequential.
It is difficult, then, to say that the markets are superficial, so seemingly easy to fool. One must understand and consider the speculative element in order to judge.
August 2, 2012 Update
After yesterday's crash, today the markets are reeling.
It's a nice mix of gambling with bluffs and speculation.
Some expert everyday comedian, as usual, sees a turnaround in all of this, complete with extrapolations and rosy forecasts.
August 6, 2012 Update
More scarecrows and bogeymen - Professor Monti is shaken up
"Worried" as he is "for the numerous anti-German sentiments in Italy"
There is however no worry for the anti-politics and ill reputation that litter the halls of power and move its levers... that is truly a nightmare for Italians and ultimately the country's ruin.
Germany didn't hesitate to react.
The professor pushed his luck, like with the hornet's nest that he caused with his joke about the greater freedom of action that a government should have with respect to Parliament, and its subsequent retraction. It doesn't matter if respecting the will of Parliament's - like the Italian one - means nothing good for the country... But that's another story (so to speak).
However you put it, things are in bad shape and nit-picking others isn't helping.
And only he is able to see (for the second or third time) "the light at the end of the tunnel".
That, on the financial front, there may something serious and imminent knocking at the door - and his distorted and far-fetched statements seem to prove it.
...Let's go on grave-digging!

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