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Marketwatch submits each article to the readers’comment. Each comment is then submitted to the readers’vote. Such a criterion helps to know the readers’prevalent opinion on the subject. With an acceptable approximation, the prevalent opinion should be expressed by the most voted comment. This one can become more significant than the article, notably when it doesn’t agree with the article content… Anyway, a strong appreciation to Marketwatch's approach must be acknowledged. (by Rex Nutting)
Most voted comment full text:
How can you expect the American consumer to spend in a time like this? Of course the consumer and worker are missing from the "party." Half a million people are losing their jobs every month, businesses are reducing overhead cost, and millions more are struggling to keep up with mounting bills. Millions more fortunate enough to see have a job are underemployed (making less money), I know many businesses in the Tampa area that had to take 20% pay-cuts just to stay alive. I finally feel that people are actually placing real needs over wants. For far too long this nation has been run on the "I need to right now!" mentality. To think that housing values have stabilized and everything is getting back on track is premature.
Overall household debt in the United States has far outpaced the growth of real disposable income and real household wealth. Trading fiat paper certificates on the stock market on Fraud Street is not real wealth it is phony wealth. Millions who were in 401k's have lost half their investments because they were asleep at the wheel. Much of the run up in household debt was mortgage-related. Low interest rates, weak lending standards, failure to put up adequate collateral, and the explosion of mortgages for lifelong renters were drivers in the housing bubble.
So, the ongoing fiasco in both housing and employment will continue. Millions are set to use up the last of their unemployment benefits and they will have absolutely no source of income. They will no longer be included as "unemployed" so it will portray a false sense of the economy getting better. Artificial stimulus of consumption has not and cannot generate or guarantee sustainable growth. Essentially, we are only rewarding failure. We have created an incentive for the “too big to fail” to take more risk because they know taxpayers will backstop them. The only businesses that have benefited from the government intervention are the banks, insurance companies, and every other criminal run company. There has been no help to the small business sector. People are tired of being lied to, tired of being stepped on and kicked to the curb.
Under the Obama Administration we have seen the federal deficit explode with no signs of slowing down. Just remember there comes a time when past borrowings have to be paid for. We have consumed far more than we have produced and shipped all our manufacturing jobs overseas. So the notion that we will recover without adding a single job in the private sector is a joke. The government's approach to the recession has largely been an attempt to use hard times as a cover for the establishment of a government power position in private industry. The stimulus program was a fraud from the beginning, an attempt to give a respected title to a spending splurge. We are not out of the woods yet.” [Author's nickname: ImpendingDoom]

Marketwatch: il criterio di sottoporre al giudizio dei lettori non soltanto l’articolo di riferimento ma anche gli stessi commenti dei lettori, consente di conoscere l’opinione prevalente sull’argomento trattato. Con una accettabile approssimazione, penso si possa ritenere che l’opinione prevalente dei lettori sia quella espressa dal commento più votato. Quest’ultimo, specie quando non collima con il contenuto dell’articolo, senza nulla togliere al giornalista che lo ha scritto, diventa più significativo dell’articolo stesso… (Autore: Rex Nutting)
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